Texas Prison Museum Rebranding

The aim of this project was to rebrand the Texas Prison Museum, a non-profit museum which features the history of the state’s prison system, by redeveloping both the logo identity and visual language of the museum.


The Logo

When redesigning the Texas Prison logo, I wanted to incorporate more of a prison-like feel into my design. While the previous logo features a blue chain and ball chained on bold type, I chose to implement jail bars into the logo by utilizing the jail bars to create the letter 'T'. The 'T' logo not only serves to represent the first letter of the Texas Prison Museum, but when reversed and combined with itself, creates the depiction of a cage - a symbol that I believe to perfectly captures the essence of any prison: trapped.


Logo Application

After developing its logo and visual language I applied it into different visual systems pertaining to the museum. I applied the logo on cups and bags because the Prison museum has gift store. I also applied the logo to billboards and signage for advertising to engage the audience on how daunting the Texas Prison Museum is