LetsGym Introduction

LetsGym is an app prototype designed to connect with others to workout together and share exercise routines. This is an app that creates a community to support and motivate each other during workouts. This app focuses on finding a gym near you and allowing you to message and create new friends and training partners.

The Process

User Research

User Research composed of visiting local gyms and collecting date from user interviews. I was able to observe different workout routines and schedules. I was able to collect different insights, goals, and pain points from my user interviews. With the data I collected, I decided to create an affinity map to categorize the information I obtained. I wanted to recognize what capabilities and functions the concept would need to possess. I was able to create 2 personas: an experienced gym goer and an inexperienced gym goer.

User Flow

The user flow focuses on the onboarding experience for new users and another experience for users who have already created an account. This flow shows the step by step journey of how the application interacts.


I then started to sketch and create paper prototypes of how the app would look like and function. I then tested the design of the prototypes, design explorations, and the tone of the product. With the use of invision I was able to go back to the gym and test the prototype where I was able to gather information on what worked and what didn't work. This resulted in using interstitial and success screens to further break up the flow.

Final Design