The Best of the Best

Below are a series of Sports related infographic work I made for my degree project. In these series of infographics, I wanted to create a visualization of the data and statistics of major athletes as well as sports teams. In the first poster titled "The Best of the Best" I compare Lebron James's statistics and achievements to those of some of the greatest players to have ever played the game. I determined that the best way to approach this was by comparing the Player Efficiency Rating (PER) of each player. The Player Efficiency Rating measures the player's points, rebounds, assists, etc. to compute a numerical value. In addition to comparing the PER of each player, I highlighted the key achievements Lebron James has accomplished while in the NBA (as seen on the right).



As an avid Golden State Warriors fan, I designed this infographic to compare the career achievements and game statistics of Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry - two of the arguably best players in the NBA right now.