My Role

Magen is a platform that integrates encrypted file sharing, identity management and policy enforcement. It allows users to share secure and encypted files to other users who have permission to access these files. As an UI/UX designer for Cisco my role was to conduct user research, sketch mockups, illustrate, and code the website and web application.

Designing a Logo Identity

One of my tasks as a UI/UX designer was to create a logo identity for Magen's website. The word Magen is Hebrew and it is translated as shield or defense. I started to draw some early iterations and sketches of Magen's logo. I began incorporating the letter M with the shape of a shield and seeing what kind of different outcomes I can create. After discussion with the team we were able to settle on a final logo that displayed a shield while capturing the essence of the letter M.

Landing Page

I worked with the product and engineering team on designing and coding the landing and documentation page. We discussed how the landing page will display its content and attract users to use our product. As an open sourced project we also wanted users to access and contribute to Magen's platform. I incorporated Magen's brand and an illustration of a soldier in the landing page. In addition to the branding and illustration I also provided a navbar and footer for easy navigation throughout Magen's website.

Documentation Page

Designing the documentation page, I wanted to navigate through each section and access code easily. I made sure there was a clear hierarchy of the title, description, and code. The documentation page contains a sidebar where the user can navigate through all the sections and also know which section they are currently on through the use of Bootstrap's scrollspy. One of the biggest challenges to coding and designing the documentation page was to make it responsive. In the mobile view, I coded and stylized the sidebar where the user can close and open and also easily navigate throughout each section.

Magen Web Application

As an UI/UX Designer on the team, I was responsible for coding and designing the UI of Magen's web application. Users are introduced to a short onboarding page where they register through email to Magen's site. Once the user logs in they have access to Magen's dashboard. Magen's platform allows you to upload and manage your files that need to be encrypted. Once the files are encrypted the user sends the file along with the key in order for it to be decrypted. I wanted to keep the dashboard simple and straightforward and have the sidebar easily accessible on each page.